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Iridium Applications


Pure iridium is used for making crucibles, especially the aggressive media resistant ones because of high corrosion resistance, which are used for laser crystals growing, and glass blowpipes. It is also used as alloys hardening agent in platinum alloys increasing their strength in 10 %; meanwhile 30% iridium doping increases the strength until 99 kg/mm2. Platinum-iridium alloys were used for first mall and length standard as well as in jewelry. Iridium is used in supercolliders in the production of antimatter, specifically antiprotons.

Uses of Iridium

Iridium, both native and alloyed with platinum, is used in the construction of scientific apparatus. The native metal, on account of its hardness, has been employed for pivots, etc. Alloyed with platinum, chiefly for stiffening purposes, it has found application in the manufacture of surgical tools, since it is permanent and non- corrosive. For the same reason the alloy containing 10 per cent, of iridium was used in the construction of the standard metre and kilogram.

Iridium black has been used for producing a black colour in the decoration of porcelain.

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