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Potassium Iridium Sulphite, K3Ir(SO3)3

Potassium Iridium Sulphite, 3K2SO3.Ir2(SO3)3.6H2O, which may be written as K3Ir(SO3)3.3H2O, to show an analogy with the constitutions of the iridi-nitrites and iridi-eyanides described in the sequel. The salt is obtained as a brown, crystalline, insoluble mass on adding potassium carbonate to a solution of iridium sulphite.

Closely resembling the foregoing salt is the ammonium derivative, 3(NH4)2SO3.Ir2(SO3)3.3H2O. The complex chlor-sulphites:

2K2SO3.IrCl.SO3, 3KCl.Ir2SO3.IrCl2.SO3.2H2O, 2K2SO3.KSO3.IrCl2.2KCl.12H2O, and IrCl2.4NH4Cl.H2SO3

have also been prepared.

Sodium yields a sulphite, of formula 3Na2SO3.Ir2(SO3)3.8H2O, obtained in a similar manner to the ammonium and potassium salts. An acid sulphite, 3Na2SO3.H2SO3.IrSO3.Aq., and a neutral sulphite of formula 3Na2SO3.IrSO3.10H2O, have been described. It is difficult to believe, however, that many of the foregoing complexes are definite chemical entities.

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